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Partner with us to advocate for the eradication of racial inequity in our healthcare system.

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Image by Raphael Lovaski
The Facts

       The CDC states that 60% of all maternal deaths are preventable. 


      According to 2021 Nurture New Jersey Strategic Plan “ Black women in New Jersey experience seven times the rate of death from pregnancy-associated causes compared to their white counterparts.” 


This is unacceptable!  We demand change now!

Mother and Baby on Floor
Our message to
Our Mamas...
  1. We got your back! We and other Black lead organizations across the state are here for you.  Connect with your local community organizations and get support.

  2. Look for a Black provider, we know that health outcomes are improved when Black folks receive medical care from other Black folks.

  3. Get educated- It is hard to advocate for yourself when you don’t know what to expect.  Taking a childbirth education class is an under utilized service, especially by black women.  Look for educators within your community.  Your power is in your voice. Acquire the tools you need to use it.

  4. Don’t be afraid to fire your provider.  Your provider is paid by your insurance company to take care of you in a way that is respects and honors your wishes. He/She should LISTEN.  A common thread in many maternal deaths and poor outcomes is a provider that didn't listen. If you ever feel your concerns are being dismissed by your provider, get a new one.

For Mothers
Our message to Healthcare Providers...

If you are a health care provider here are some additional steps you can take right now.  We recommend providers follow the STARS:


  1. Stop blaming Black Women for their health outcomes.  Black Women are not dying because they were poor, too fat, didn’t eat healthy, or had high blood pressure.  White women with identical medical histories don’t suffer the same fate.  Structural racism is responsible for these outcomes

  2. Take an antiracism training.  It's not enough to just say you are not racist. You must be antiracist!  Being antiracist means you practice cultural humility.  You speak out against racist policies and acts, and you hold your colleagues accountable.

  3. Advocate for the implementation of evidence based patient safety bundles such as the protocols developed for hemorrhage and preeclampsia.  Standardizing care means that all birthing persons receive the same level of care.

  4. Recognize that it is racism and not race that contributes to poor health outcomes in Black birthing people. Being black is not a risk factor.

  5. Simulation, completed frequently.  Being able to practice new policies as a team in a safe environment of simulation will allow staff to be familiar with high risk low incident events. 

For Healthcare Workers
Our Allies

We are in full support of the frameworks developed by Black Mamas Matter Alliance and NutureNJ to improve outcomes in maternal child health.  Click on the links below to read the strategic plans and learn actionable steps you can take right now to make an impact perinatal outcomes right now

Black mamas matter alliance 

Women Who Run
Our Initiatives

Justice 4 Jenayah

Justice 4 Jenayah

Support us in our fight to win justice for Jenayah Nellums - a wife and mother of four who fell victim to postpartum complications.

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