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Justice 4 Jenayah

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The Story

       During the height of the pandemic, Jenayah Nellums a 38 year old human services assistant, and her husband and high school sweetheart Aaron Nellums were overjoyed to discover that they were expecting their 4th child.  Although categorized as high risk, Jenayah had an uncomplicated pregnancy and on December 12, 2020, Jenayah had a vaginal delivery resulting in the birth of Assan - a healthy baby boy delivered at Virtua Memorial Hospital in Mt. Holly New Jersey.  Baby Assan joined his older brothers as a member of the “A-team” ( a nickname given to the boys by their father in accordance with the family tradition of giving the children first names that began with the letter A).

This is their story according to her Husband Aaron Nelums:

After a short hospital stay, Jenayah was cleared for discharge and sent home with her baby.  A few days after being home Jenayah began to notice swelling in her left foot. that became so severe she returned to the hospita. COVID restrictions prevented her husband Aaron from joining her.  This is the story of her hospital stay as told by her husband, Aaron Nelums. During that stay Jenayah suffered from a hemorrhage that took her life just two days before Christmas.

Aaron lost his wife and the mother of his children in an instant.  Aaron and Jenayah had just attended their 20 year highschool reunion where they were awarded the “make last forever” award. After 21 years of overcoming the odds, Aarons forever was taken from him. Four boys will now grow up without their mothers love.

          Jenayah was an organ donor and her donation promises the gift of life to 500-100 individuals. Her selflessness lives on through her recipients, in the eyes of her children, and the hearts of husband, friends, family and all that loved her


 The CDC reports that 60% of all maternal deaths are preventable. It is possible that Jenayh's death was preventable.  According to 2021 Nurture New Jersey Strategic Plan “ Black women in New Jersey experience seven times the rate of death from pregnancy-associated causes compared to their white counterparts.”  This is unacceptable!  We demand change now!

Advocacy Plan

Our organization is in the process of releasing a formalized advocacy plan.  Here are some things you can do to take action today:

  1. Share Jenaya’s Story and GoFundMe Campaign using the hashtags  #Justice4Jenayah #Jenayahshouldbehere

  2. Donate to her Campaign

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