The NJ Black Breastfeeding Week Committee

Meet The Founders

Nastassia K. Davis

Nastassia is the founder and executive director of the Perinatal Health Equity Foundation and the owner of Latch breastfeeding and Lactation Services.   She is a perinatal nurse with 13 years of experience and is very passionate about black maternal health.  In addition to being a RN, she has also been a International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) since 2009.  She has been working to serve Essex County and its surrounding communities for the last 2 years threw her private practice. She runs Sister's Who Breastfed (SWB),  a peer to peer breastfeeding support circle which meets monthly in East Orange, NJ and virtually on facebook. 

Takiesha Miller

Takisha is a Breastfeeding Advocate and Stay at Home Parent of 3; whose focus is on building equity within our community by developing opportunities to help increase representation for Black families and Health Care Providers. She is a Community Organizer through Families for Equity; a community based cooperative designed to amplify the voices of black families and their needs. They operate throughout Northern New Jersey; hosting meetups, fieldtrips, and workshops; while sharing local resources and developing community through online support. As a certified Facilitator through Chocolate Milk Cafe, Takisha helps to provide peer to peer support for Black or African American families who supply their young with human milk. Meetings are held at the Shani Baraka Women's Resource Center in Newark every third Wednesday of the month.

Michelle Gabriel-Caldwell

Michelle Gabriel-Caldwell is a trained and certified childbirth educator and doula. She has over 10 years of experience in both these areas. As a birth professional, she has taken additional courses in postpartum doula training and breastfeeding peer counseling. Educating women about their options during their birth journey is her passion. As a woman of African descent, she wants all women to understand the role they play in healing each other while saving ourselves. In addition, Michelle holds science degrees and works full-time for a Germany based chemical company from her home in New Jersey.

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