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Meet Romie Beaujuin


Romie Beaujuin is a Rutgers Newark alum who graduated in 2012 with a major in biology and minor in psychology. She began her career working at NYU fertility center for the past eight years with the past five of those years working as an IVF
embryologist. During this time she was able to help many couples reach their
dream of growing their families. In the midst of working at the fertility center she also began her doula journey, and started supporting pregnant women through pregnancy and birth. This journey halted when the time dedicated to being an IVF embryologist became great, but her passion for supporting families as a doula was reignited after the birth of her son. Encountering hurdles during her own breastfeeding journey also bought to her attention the great need for education and support in the lactation field, especially to those within the black community. She is
a Mama Glow Doula trainee and also working towards attaining her IBCLC. She is very passionate about helping mothers on their journey to and through motherhood, and she is dedicated to ensuring that every mother feels supported during their breastfeeding journey. She hopes that the work that she will continue
to do will contribute to the immense work we have to accomplish when it comes to ending racial disparities in maternal health and within the IBCLC community.

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