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Community Breastfeeding Support

Why we do this work

 The Perinatal Health Equity Initiative breastfeeding support is designed to promote, protect and support breastfeeding and human lactation in Black women.  Black women have the lowest rates of breastfeeding initiation and the highest rates of Black infant mortality.  Access to human milk provides a life time of health protection for mother and her baby including conditions like breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, necrotizing enterocolitis, ear infections, SIDS diabetes and more.

We believe human milk is more than just a food source but a health care behavior.  We provide culturally congruent care to help Black mothers reach their breastfeeding goals

What we offer

 The Perinatal Health Equity Initiative offers support to in a variety of different ways:

1. Breastfeeding support group:  Sistash who Breastfeed is a FREE mom-to-mom breastfeeding group exclusive to support the unique needs of Black Birthing Mothers.  This protect space allows Black mothers to build their village, cultivate relationships, access support, and community engagement.  Our groups often include outdoor activities that are  just  breastfeeding related but are important to relationship building like trips to the zoo and local parks (weather permitted)

2. Breastfeeding Coaching:  Mothers who need support beyond the group are assigned a breastfeeding coach.  Our Coaches all identify as Black women and provide an additional level of support one on one to mothers who need a more personalized approach.  Our coaches are Certified Breastfeeding Specialist and have over 50 hours of lactation training. Coaching can be done in person in our East Orange office or virtually.  At this time we are not charging for this service. 

3. Clinical Lactation Support:  Support that is beyond the scope of our coaches are referred to our staff International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCS).  These referrals are for complicated breastfeeding issues like infant prematurity, difficult latch, low milk supply etc.

4:  Workshops:  We offer a number of breastfeeding work shops including Prenatal breastfeeding workshops, how to pump, and returning to work. 


Make a Referral


If you would like to refer a client to our services please fill out the form below.  One of our staff membes will reach out to the client directly.


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